Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions Open
5Can SP-400™ be diluted?
6Do the CRC silicone products contain petroleum?
7Does CRC offer a water based silicone?
9Does Power Lube® Multi-Purpose Lubricant contain silicone?
10Is SP-400™ Conductive?
11What is the best replacement for Contact Cleaner 2000®?
14Why can’t I locate 5-56® anymore?
15Why is it recommended that I clean out any old grease before applying new grease?
22Can I use Di-Electric grease to seal and lubricate battery terminals and spark plugs?
25Can I use Minute Mend™ to repair a leak in my automobile’s gas tank?
35Does CRC offer a friction modifier for gear oils?
51How often should I change my gear oil?
57Is Brake Caliper Synthetic Grease safe on rubber parts?
65What does “viscosity grade” and “GL rating” mean?
66What is SmartWasher®?
71Where can I find the date code on CRC products?
72Does CRC offer any food grade products?
74Does CRC offer a No Flash contact cleaner?