Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Problem Solving Tips Open
  1. Ever have a problem putting a press fit bearing onto a shaft?
    Use CRC Freeze Spray part # 74086 to chill the shaft prior to inserting the press fit bearing.  The chilling action will shrink the shaft just enough to make the installation much easier without any effect on the shaft or bearing.
  2. Need a quick way to re-tap a stripped hole?
    Use CRC Minute Mend Epoxy Putty part # 74070 (4 oz stick) or 14071 (2 oz stick).  Break off a piece just large enough to fill the hole, and knead together per instructions.  While still soft, insert Minute Mend into hole to be re-tapped and use the screw or fastener to “tap” the hole forming the threads. Retract the screw, and let the Minute Mend set.  Once set, you will have a freshly tapped hole that will work for a long time.
  3. Food Plants – Do you get corrosion or pitting on metal surfaces after wash down?
    Use CRC Food Grade Machine Oil part # 73081 to solve that problem.  Food Grade Machine Oil is USDA and NSF H1 rated and will provide short term corrosion and oxidation protection to all metal surfaces after wash-down.  Prior to processing, just wipe down the surface with a clean damp rag.
  4. QD® Contact Cleaner & SP-250™ Corrosion Inhibitor help clean and protect lift controls on buses.  Together these products can help to keep lift controls working properly.  A common application is in the transportation industry where lifts are found on many buses.  Public buses which operate in a variety of climate conditions may experience malfunctions with their lift controls due to moisture and corrosion.  Cleaning these controls with QD® Contact Cleaner and then applying SP-250™ will keep them corrosion free!